Supporting children emotionally through play and creative therapy.

"Thank you for the valuable work you have completed. She clearly enjoyed every session and gained important strategies to help her cope in times of emotional distress.  I can't thank you enough for the time and energy that you put into her."

SENCO at a primary school in Birkenhead

"Thank you for being so understanding and supportive"

Parent of a young adult referred privately

"She says it makes her feel much happier and more confident speaking in public"

A child's feelings after finishing Play Therapy

"I'm over the moon... Thank you!"

Parent of a pupil coming for Play Therapy at school

"Laura's support has been absolutely invaluable in supporting this child. She has been a key professional throughout our work and a great source of support and advice for everybody involved with the child"

Family Support Worker

 As adults, we understand how difficult it can be to get on with the simplest of tasks when we are under stress or have something on our minds. But as adults, we recognise this and can seek support to talk through our problems. Children, however, don't have the same understanding of the world and their emotions. Talking therapies will not always work with children, and Play Therapy provides the opportunity for them to work through their difficulties in a more age-appropriate and natural way.


Through Play Therapy, children are able to explore new positive coping strategies and build their resilience levels in a safe, therapeutic environment.


Please continue to look through the website to find out more, and see how Play Therapy can help a child you may be thinking of.


Thank you for taking one more step in finding support.


Laura Kirkham

"When I feel sad, I used to blow up! But now I don't!"

Year 1 pupil on our way back from his final session

"Year 5 no longer seems like such a terrifying prospect... Thank you"

Parent after Play Therapy

"Laura has worked to create warm and friendly relationships with children, while at the same time developing excellent communication with parents and carers to keep them updated on their child’s progress. Everyone involved in Play Therapy has been extremely positive in their reception of the service, from children to staff and parents. Parents have commented on how much their children love working with Laura and have fed back to staff their appreciation of the service offered... Having seen the work of Laura at St Joseph’s, I would highly recommend Play Therapy to any school looking to provide support to children with a variety of needs." 

SENCO at St Joseph's Primary School

Laura Kirkham MA, BSc, PG Dip.

Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist

CBT Therapist, Clinical Supervisor



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