Creative Arts Therapy for Adults


   When we think about looking into counselling, the first thing to spring to mind might be traditional talking therapies. I understand that this can be daunting; What will I talk about? How will it help? Play and Creative Arts Therapy is a different approach to working through difficulties. There are different areas you can use during the sessions and different therapies to try; sand therapy, art therapy, music therapy... however you want to spend your time is up to you. As you progress through your sessions, we will reflect on how you spend your time, what you create, the symbols and themes the come up. The talking can lead on from this, you may want to talk during the sessions also, or you may never wish to talk. It is entirely up to you. Play and Creative Arts Therapy can be incredibly powerful if you trust in the process, and I will truly listen and support you throughout. The focus is not about if you can draw or paint or create beautiful pieces, it's about your process along the way, working through things you may be finding difficult, discovering new inner strengths.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy is an exciting and alternative way of accessing therapeutic support. As the only qualified Play and Creative Arts Therapist on the Wirral, I know that this type of therapy can be difficult to find. I have therefore opened an office so that you can have control over your Therapy; we can work to find times that suit you, with no waiting lists. As soon as you are ready to start your journey, I will be there.

If you'd like to find out more, please give me a call and you can come down to the office so you can see for yourself!

Laura Kirkham MA, BSc, PG Dip.

Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist

CBT Therapist, Clinical Supervisor



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