What is Play Therapy?

    In the playroom, the child is provided with consistent and safe boundaries to play out their feelings and problems. Play is a natural medium for expression with children, and metaphors used during play allow the child to explore emotions and experiences in a controlled way.

    Axline's basic principles are followed, where the therapist is non-directive, non-judgemental and non-interpretive. Learning their language of play and truly listening through reflection ensures the child is not rushed through the process of digging out their emotional dirt. This isn't just playing for fun; the child needs to be held carefully through the process.


Who is it for?

   Children may not even know on a conscious level that they are having difficulties, but this may come through in presenting challenging behaviour. Perhaps the child has an unstable home where things have changed. Maybe they are being bullied, or are a bully. Are they withdrawn or have difficulty making friends? Has the child suffered through trauma? Does the child have a disability? These are just some examples of circumstances where children  could benefit from Play Therapy.



How will it work?

   Sessions are held on a weekly basis and the therapy will be brought to you! Please read the Services section to find out more.


If you have any questions, or would like to know more, then contact on sunriseplaytherapy@outlook.com.

Laura Kirkham MA, BSc, PG Dip.

Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist

CBT Therapist, Clinical Supervisor



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