**Currently taking private referrals for approx. start September 2018**
If you are worried about your child, please contact me to arrange a consultation. We can discuss your concerns and how Play Therapy could help your child. The office is based in Heswall, Wirral, CH60.
Play Therapy in Schools and through Social Care
In the same way that Play Therapy provides support for the child in a holistic manner, I provide a holistic support package. When working with a nursery, school or organisation, I ensure professionals and parents/carers are supported alongside the therapy process also. I aim to help the people working with the child understand the impact that things like trauma can have on a child, and how this can impact on their behaviour. By working through this together, we can help the child to cope.
Play Therapy sessions can either be on a 1:1 basis, short or long-term, and group therapy is also an option. The intervention will be whichever is most appropiate for the child, and this will be ascertained at assessment.
The Play Therapy intervention will be based around Goodman's SDQ scores as an assessment tool, and there will be meetings with professionals and parent/carers at regular points to ensure we are all informed. Setting up the service and the referral process will be explained at our first meeting, where there is an opportunity to view a presentation and for further discussion. We will develop a package to suit your service. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting at:
Clinical Supervision
Now offering Clinical Supervision to organisations and therapists, available on an individual or group basis. Please contact to find out more.

Laura Kirkham MA, BSc, PG Dip.

Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist

CBT Therapist, Clinical Supervisor



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